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4月 14 2021

Moving ahead during COVID-19

Posted by 365体育网址

这场大流行以365体育网址没有预见到的方式挑战着365体育网址——但365体育网址从未暂停. We came together, transitioning the way we live and work, 现在COVID-19已经成为365体育网址日常生活的一部分.

We continue to navigate the evolving pandemic and learn new ways of managing this risk while moving forward – slowly reopening and recovering the economy while balancing safety and health precautions.

While we are living in unprecedented times, 365体育网址的员工和业务一直保持健康和弹性. 365体育网址公司扮演着非常重要的角色——提供人们需要的基本能源, supporting communities, 以谨慎和安全的方式创造就业和让人们重返工作岗位.

We continue to focus on safe and reliable operations, maintaining the necessary health protocols. 和, we are still progressing numerous capital projects, 这些都被认为是当今和未来北美能源网络的重要组成部分.

Our activities will focus on buying locally where possible, supporting many small businesses, 在许多受到COVID-19危机严重影响的社区.

我要感谢365体育网址的员工和关键员工,他们已经适应了变化, kept our operations running 安全, supported our customers, 并在此期间对365体育网址的社区产生了积极的影响. You inspire me in new ways every day.

François Poirier
President and CEO

COVID-19 Topics

In late November, the Government of Canada and public health authorities in several states and provinces across our business provided new guidance and direction to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 尽365体育网址的一份力, we are taking precautionary measures and have re-closed our major office locations after three months of phased re-opening.

Employees in Calgary, AB, 休斯顿, TX, 和查尔斯顿, WV, have returned to working remotely full-time.

Our approach continues to be guided by our values – the health and safety of our workforce remain our top priority as we consider business needs and productivity.

We are proud of how we have built our digital capacity and business resiliency to make remote working as seamless as possible.

We’re continuing to listen, learn and use public health authorities and government assessments and guidance to inform our controlled, measured approach of returning people to the office, and we will adapt and adjust as things evolve.

We have implemented extensive health and safety protocols to keep employees healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our offices. These protocols are based on comprehensive risk assessments and guidance from governments and public health authorities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • 将365体育网址的主要办公大楼的容量限制在大约50%
  • Maintaining physical distancing
  • Required use masks in all common areas and shared spaces
  • 通过洗手和提供洗手液推广良好的卫生习惯
  • Limited elevator capacity
  • Reduced meeting room capacity
  • 使用内部应用程序持续监测员工的健康状况
  • 立即隔离COVID-19有症状或检测呈阳性的员工
  • 在可能症状或确诊病例最初出现迹象时主动追踪接触者
  • Continued visitor and business travel restrictions

To further protect the health of our people, 365体育网址支持员工继续在家工作,如果他们, or a family member who lives with them, have an underlying medical condition that potentially increases their risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

We continue to execute our extensive programs to help protect our worksites and our essential personnel working there. We have implemented the following procedures:

  • 在可能的情况下保持身体距离(错开班次以减少群体互动);
  • When physical distancing is not possible and working closely together is critical to the safe and reliable operation of our assets, strict protocols are in place, including wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), 洗手, sanitization of surfaces;
  • Mandatory face mask coverings when required by the local public health authority or when physical distancing cannot be achieved;
  • Training and communications program to support awareness, personal hygiene and fit-for-work/sick policies;
  • 继续使用个人防护装备,作为365体育网址正在进行的健康和安全工作场所计划的一部分;
  • 加强设施清洁和个人卫生习惯
  • 增加医务人员,以支持工人的即时医疗保健. 

365体育网址, giving is part of our DNA. 自2020年3月宣布2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19)大流行以来,365体育网址已捐款逾5加元.向应对危机的组织捐赠了200万美元,其中包括592美元,000 contributed by our workforce. 集体, these donations have helped to reduce food insecurity, equip first responders and healthcare workers with supplies and address unique needs in the communities we call home. 

As we look forward into 2021, we are continuing these efforts with a focus on community recovery.


Mental health is something we take seriously and something we want our workforce to feel comfortable talking about and reaching out for support if they need it. We have been through a lot in the last year and for many, 应对当前形势下的压力和焦虑是一个挑战.

听 TC Connects podcast episode with our President and Chief Executive Officer, François Poirier, as he shares why he is passionate about mental health and what we’re doing as a company to increase awareness on the topic. You can also check out our Wellness Wednesday tips to help cope in the time of COVID-19.

Following the direction of regional governments and based on current risk assessments by public health authorities, we are assessing how best to move forward with some in-person meetings with extensive health and safety protocols in place. We also continue to engage remotely with 土著 groups, community partners, 土地所有者和土地使用者应遵守365体育网址公开和透明的承诺. 使用邮件, phone and email, 365体育网址的目标是为他们提供一致的对话,这是365体育网址公司所期待的.

We continue to explore other methods to effectively engage with communities while respecting physical distancing guidelines. 例如, 直升机在空中飞行的同时,还添加了无人机拍摄的镜头, and we have modified or rescheduled initiatives like field-based job opportunities for community members with our environmental consultants.

We are also adapting the way we engage. In the fall, we launched our first-ever virtual project open house. 虚拟开放日可以通过你的平板电脑随时访问, computer or mobile device and provides a platform for people to learn all about the project and provide feedback and questions. 

在2020年3月宣布大流行后,365体育网址的 土著关系小组主动接触了200多个土著群体 across our Canada, U.S. 以及墨西哥的足迹,看看365体育网址如何才能最好地支持他们度过这场大流行. Since then, we’ve provided more than $1.向土著群体提供7500万美元的财政支持,以帮助他们满足基本需求. 


  • 365体育网址帮助艾伯塔省的Dene Tha ' First Nation对国家内部的小屋进行升级, allowing community members a safe place to self-isolate
  • 365体育网址帮助Métis国家的阿尔伯塔- 3区建立了他们的疫苗接种诊所
  • We helped Stoney Nakoda Nation lease a security trailer, allowing them to monitor access to Big Horn Reserve in Alberta and support their community in combatting the spread of COVID-19 
  • We provided 14 土著 communities with Personal Protective Equipment acquired through an 土著 supplier from Red Rock Indian Band in Ontario. 

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue, 365体育网址将根据他们的需要和重点发展提供支持.

COVID-19: Taking action

365体育网址, safety is our number one value, and our first concern is for all our employees, 可能受到这种情况影响的家庭和社区. Learn how we are taking action.